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Bakewell baking parchment 45 cm x 50 m

Bakewell Baking Parchment is silicon coated on both sides, providing a perfect non-stick surface for baking and interleaving items such as meat. Great for non-stick baking of meringues, pavlovas, fruit cakes etc. When freezing sliced meats and cakes - interleaving with sheets of Bakewell will stop them sticking, allowing removal without defrosting everything. The re-usable paper is pure, odourless and has a wet strength suitable even for fish, meat and moist products. When baking cakes etc., there is no need to grease the tin or paper. Capable of baking up to 220°C/ 430°F or domestic freezing.

Bakewell Piping Bag 21''

Disposable piping bags Packed in a dispenser box for additional hygiene, these bags are designed for food service use. The piping bags are slip resistant on the outer surface, and are available in two sizes. Smooth flow interior reduces chance of clogging. EU Certified with use of food grade plastic in contact with food. Superior Strength with high resistance, reducing the risk of bursting during usage. Blue tinted and easy to clean


Alcohol hand steriliser rub for use in SoSystem Dispensers